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Support for Schools and Further Education Colleges


Schools (Primary and Secondary):


East Midlands Dyslexia Network offer a structured multisensory teaching programme for

children from the age of 6.  An individual learning programme is designed using information from

a diagnostic assessment or screening planning assessment, alongside a questionnaire and an

informal chat with the parent, school and child to determine the areas that are of concern. 

Tuition is carried out by fully qualified dyslexia tutors.


We offer diagnostic assessments and screening planning assessments. 


We offer Exam Access Arrangement assessments and completion of the required Form 8 following this.


We offer Dyslexia Awareness Training for teaching assistants and teachers. We also offer bespoke workshop training to small groups.


Further Education:


Both diagnostic assessments and screening planning assessments are offered.


We offer Coaching and Guidance on study skills and one to one specialist support. 

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